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ѕонедельник, 28 ќкт€бр€ 2013 г. 15:33 + в цитатник

¬ св€зи с т€желым положением, которое сложилось из-за нашей неуЄмной любви к дет€м, составил список дел и проектов. » ничего больше не начинать!

ѕисьмо о сценарии сериала мне перевели, но есть же плот сериала на 5 страницах. –ешил грубо, гуглем, гон€€ туда-сюда и упроща€ до идентичности, а затем дать на проверку. ћ-да:

      Ѕоса€ девушка идЄт по снегу, направл€€сь к —фере >>> Barefoot girl walking on the snow, heading for the Sphere.

Ќу, положим, Barefoot girl is walking on the snow to the Sphere. ќ, нормально. Ќо...:

       Barefoot Shoan is walking on the snow to the Copper Sphere>>> Ѕосиком Shoan идет по снегу, чтобы медна€ сфера.

»дентичность простейших фраз недостижима!

¬ общем, перевел. Ќе надеюсь, что артикли и предлоги мне поправ€т, но может, хоть прочитают?  ароч, дл€ тех, кто знает этот чертов инглиш... —южетец ещЄ тот:

Heart of harlequin



The world corresponds to the second half /ends of the 19th century. There are tycoons, monarchs, aristocrats, the decaying empire, colonialism but no firearm.

   There is Copper Sphere somewhere on the outskirts of the world. ‘Vakumans’ come from Sphere. They can 'to erase Smart' - and the person loses his memory, turning into a ‘Blank’. No one can to convert the mutation. The Blanks irresistibly strive to Sphere, and they will return from Sphere as vakumans. But the hazard is negligible. Also vakumans interested only unusual personality - freaks, visionaries, perverts. At this threat, hardly anyone pays attention.

    They are externally indistinguishable from humans.

    In most countries there are squads of ' Guardians ' which seek out and exterminate vakumans as well as their victims.


Araunga, the oldest city in the world

Schoolboy Conrad ( 10-12 years old) accidentally sees as his friend was the victim of vakuman. He calls the police - in fact, the Guard’s squad. Directly in front of him Guard incinerates vakuman and its victim. The guards are now required to monitor the condition of Conrad. There are rumors that the vakumans are contagious. In rare cases, the mutation does not begin immediately.

The operation was led by Count Balbagar. His friend, counselor Benazzir, gives the music box, which was found at vakuman, tothe lab of engineer Gakkert for research.


Kengestrant (some reflection of NY)

The powerful tycoon Fobort 'Highlander' has the highest skyscraper 'Rasp' and lives in it. The Nicknamed 'Highlander' comes from the fact that the youth was spent in the mountains. He shocks by behavior and appearance. He is the explicit moral freak and to afraid vakumans. He lived in the mountains just because of the vakumans never seen there (due to sensibility of their mutated lungs to oxygen lack). The hopes of his younger brothers, Laats and Hubert that he would give up the inheritance after the death of elder brother did not materialize.

Highlander has significantly extended 'Fobort empire'. He intends to attach to it the railway company of Gertzia. But this country is led by blunt patriots who will not let buy a 'national treasure.' Tycoon plans to provide some funds to a Gertzia lady to purchase plants, and then marry her. However, the availability of such funds would cause suspicion of morbidsociety of Gertzia.

An idea comes to use instead Gertzia lady the lady, who is a descendent of the re Bajkrant - 'Emperor of the Both Shores.' The men's line cut short, but there are three women descendents - Armirainta, Shoan and Bibiasa. The latter, Bibiasa, lives in Koengestrant. Exaggerated Gertzians who dreams of former glory, could not refuse her. And money she has is not known. But did she would like the offer of lecherous and non- aristocratic Highlander?


Peppabal, the capital of the wooded, cold marquisate Drojuppa

            All - mines, forests, ships - are the ownership of genus re Kia. Pepa re Kia kidnapped, drugged poet Bunder and bring here. She wants marry him to himself. Poet scoots. He meets in a tavern with Marquis Kozalukas. Marquis is the aborigine, huge bull, and spends on drink own pension. Bunder is caught. But despite the Pepa’s threat to turn on drugs, the stubborn poet renounces his happiness, and thrown in jail. He's trying to hang himself. When Kozalukas learns about suicide he helps him escapes. They go into the woods with a party of woodcutters, intending to detach from it and attain Cirondeel through the continent. Pepa sent a cablegram her trusty agent - Bibiasa - to return the poet.


            The detective, who introduced himself as Rakart, deals with vakuman's attacks and interrogates Conrad. We are clear that Conrad gradually turns into 'Empty'. The subsequent test of Guard will end boy's days. Rakart arranges his escape from the boarding house.

The escape is investigated by Balbagar and Benatsir, but the chances to detect the boy in the defenses of Araunga are near zero.

Rakart says Conrad must reach the mountains, where he will die or his mutation will stop. Boy loses more and more memory.

            Locked away in a secret room, Conrad suddenly sees as the guards drown his mother in the moat. Rakart suggests that she become a Blank. The boy has a fever, he was diving to retrieved mother. Rakart hard to save him, and he secretly takes out of Araunga boy at unconscious state.

The authorities became known that Conrad mother disappeared. Benazzir offers to inspect the bottom of one of the moat. The corpse is here. This place Guard sometimes uses to secretly eliminate Empty, but no one but Guard knows it! Balbagar vehemently denies the Guard's implication and is arrested.

            The mother of Conrad has no characteristic changes - she was not Empty.

Laboratory of engineer Gakkert is below the water level. It is flooded. Gakkert was deliberately locked in it and was drowned. His corp is the remains of Blank. It is not known whether still there, under the water, music box. On suspicion of involvement in a tacit elimination arrested Benatzir, the chief of Gakkert. He should have seen the mutation.

            Both cases involved Arkteng. one of the Five Notaries (in fact, the rulers of Araunga). He got the letter proving that a person who committed both crimes is the 'detective Rakart'. Balbagar get free, and he with the squad rushes in the wake of alleged Rakart.

Benazzir investigates the Letters. There is religion, which adherents worship the Book Creator. The Book has a power that can change the world, but no one knows the Letter's sounding. The Book has been copied several times.

            Wizard discompose why Sphere changed the behavior. For a long time Sphere did not change the location.


Iukhin, thecapital of the same name of a constitutional monarchy, populated and industrially advanced

            Queen Shoan, a famous beauty, invited to his villa two younger Foborts - Laaz and Hubert. She tells them the shocking news from Iukhin spies: 'Highlander' attended to heirs. In a joking manner, she outlines the contract. If the 'thing' will take place with Highlander, then the brothers-successors will limit the expansion of the 'Fobort Empire' into Iuhin. She says that means only natural events. Hubert is in horror and rebukes his brother's consent. In addition, they will offer to restore the honorable institution of the Empire of Both Shores and support her Empress nominee.

Shoan asks the husband, KingFelixII, the river monitor to patrol one important cargo.

            Shoan does business with the emir Mobalto, who constantly lives in Iukhin. He supplies the opals to decorate her 'opal cabinet'.  At riotous party she gets a big harlequin. She justifies penchant for adventure that she can not live a dull, as the townsfolk. Explaining the propensity for intrigue, she says that she has 'the heart of the Harlequin.' The crazed old mechanic, inventor Mobalto is her lover.



            Bibiasa invited into the 'rasp'. There the scenario is played: Highlander plays a brilliant businessman over which is domineered his own bankers and managers. She discovers the temple dedicated entirely to her, and excites that Highlander worshiped her as a goddess. However, she leaves Koengestrant on call Pepa re Kia. Although it was only a show, a new feel bears in the tycoon's heart.


Grand Canal.
            Rakart selflessly cares for Conrad. They are trying to get away from the chase of Guard squad. They meet a few sailors of the monitor which was sentto patrol. Rakart can not move quickly. At one time he was attacked by vakuman, and only violent method - he is devoid of 3/4 of lung - saved him from mutation. Heremainstocovertheretreat.

Guard comes to close quarters to monitor and is destroyed by navy powerful crossbows. After the battle, sailors from the monitor look for Rakart and find that he was brutally tortured and killed. Conrad sees what was done to his savior, and loses consciousness. On the monitor he is placed under the hood, where there is little oxygen. It would slow down the transformation.



            Bunder and Kozalukas travel with the woodcutterteam. Poet much can be learned from these louts. They are expressed exclusively juicy, especially thebawdy Fred Pizendell.

Bibiasa came ashore and rushed across the path. She has professional equipment with 'sniper' crossbow.

Bunder and Kozalukas separated from the team that started to logging, and go further in the direction of Ginta. It is the incommunicative country of the monks in the mountains. Cirondeel lies beyond Ginty.

            In the trunk of the fir above their heads stick up the arrow with the directive for Bunder. He must back to Pepe. This is Bibiasa. Kozalukasu spit on it, even though she threatened to kill him. At night Bunder goes away, so as not to jeopardize thecomrade.

Bibiasa tracks and catches up with the poet. She orders him to turn back, but she herself is tracked by Kozalukas. Suddenly it turns out three men with bagpipes stand around their. They are starting to play the strange melody. All is hexed by sounds. Suddenly arrows fly, one of the men falls, the rest to run. With a cry of 'Vakumans! Do not let them get away!' the rider fly out of the woods. She shoots at full gallop.

By united efforts they defeated vakumans.

            The rider turns out woman. She is called Adept Te, a minister of Letter religious. One of the guarded copies of the Books disappeared. In pursuit of the thieves, she detected the vakuman.

They found the watch of the member of team near the vakuman. The bodies of vakumans are burned. The four decides to go back to the woodcutters together.

Here was no man. It seems the people were erased, and they are already on the way to the Sphere... How can vakumans overpowered a group of desperate and strong guys? But one of the team survived - Pizendel. But his mind is clouded and he says the filthy language only.

            Te convinces the others to get to the nearest Ginta monastery. At mountain is much more safely and the ancient knowledge, which monks posessed, may to clarify the situation. Bibiasa decides to put aside the returning of Bunder, and she sends the report by the pigeon post for Pepa.

They move in Ginta with helpless Pizendel. Bunder more and more says ... the rhymed swearwords. Would not cause of this an touching by vakuman in the battle?



            Highlander gets the information from the Peppabal agents: Bibiasa has not yet returned there, and vakuman were detected in this cold country. Earlier they were not found there.

            He fell in love. He can not sleep in anxiety about Bibiasa. He orders to prepare the dirigible. All his staff try to dissuade personal involvement in rescue for Bibiasy. But he is sure that it is a brilliant motion that would win her heart.



The monitor with Conrad comes to Iukhin. He wake up in the society of queen Shoan. He is struck by her beauty. The boy asks, who is worse - the people or vakumany?

            Shoan says that people do not need geniuses, inventors, freaks. The one who does not think so, as others, become social outcasts. Their ideas, nature and knowledge are not necessary to mankind. Vakumans absorb all this and carry to Sphere. Like the bees gather honey. Here and there vakumans even are regarded the right hand of God 'for idiots.' The greatest mystery of world is who controls them?

She offers a cure Conrad. A genial mechanic has created an artificial heart from a piece of a harlequin. Passing through it the blood cleared of infection. Moreover, vakuman shall never cause more damage for Conrad.

            She has a thing which they seek. It is music box. If Conrad inserts the harlequin heart, he shall carry the box to Sphere, and to try to contact with their Master for the first time in history.

Shoan tells him that billionaire Fobort has a panic fear of vakumans and he founded and chairs the ruthless Sentinel. In Iuhine Sentinel is banned. But Shoan not tells the boy that because of the insularity the vakumans never were seen at Iukhin.



           Conrad lies surrounding by strange devices. Master Molduk conjures above him. Shoan watches the operation.

           The dirigible flies to the East. It crossed the sea and is flying over the shore.

           Bunder, Bibiasa, Kozalukas, the Adept Te and Pizendel have the halt on the snow near the fire. Te says that some 'destructive' Letters were overheard by demon and were announced to people. However, they are lost in human speech. According to ancient scrolls some of the Letters can reproduce by a mechanical device. Adept Te obviously reminds somebody for Bibiasa.

           The Balbagar squad comes to the big city, and it is not Araunga. The face of the Earl crosses the scar which was made by the sailor's saber. But he survived in the battle. Here is Benazzir with him. TheygathertheGuardsquads.

            A large copper sphere hangs somewhere in the fjords. Sometimes people go there, mechanically, like clockwork toys. Then someone disappeared in it. We see there is second small sphere. It departs from the large one and moves away.


The end of season 1



≈стественно, всЄ раскрытие сюжетных линий - второй сезон. ќн накидан на страничку. √лавным героем окажетс€ поэт и его декадентский талант..

Ќу, если что подскажут, выложу...

–убрики:  —очинени€ јрифмометра

ќлег_Ўамрицкий   обратитьс€ по имени ¬торник, 29 ќкт€бр€ 2013 г. 11:24 (ссылка)
ќстреус, а вы оказываетс€ ещЄ и переводами банчите...:)))
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¬торник, 29 ќкт€бр€ 2013 г. 11:37ссылка
ќлег_Ўамрицкий, да не, в том-то и проблема. «нал бы инглиш, разве сидел бы здесь...

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